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Limangus Breed

In 1981 the definitive blood percentages were established: 3/8 Limousin, 5/8 Aberdeen Angus. This new breed was called Limangus. It was defined as hornless, black or red, with open pedigree through mothers under the Association inspection. The first breed created in Argentina was born.

Even though the Angus-Limousin cross is very developed in countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, UK to produce high yield steers, the breed was only ( stabilized in Argentina. We consider we can work on the cross to increase the meat production of our animals. And after 40 years of selection we can say that the Limousin factor gives superior muscles in the back, were the high price cuts are, and the Angus factor the rusticity, low birth weight and low maintenance.

Quality of meat and efficency in production

After more than three decades of selection and meticulous work, we are proud to affirm that the contribution of Limousin in that specific percentage has resulted in an industrial performance of the cattle that is unparalleled in our livestock. By stabilizing the crossbreeding, we have focused on preserving the desired conformation while maintaining the fundamental virtues of our original Angus: ease of calving and moderate size.

The process of selection and genetic improvement has been a long and passionate journey. We have dedicated constant efforts to identify and preserve the characteristics that make Limangus a unique breed in our context. Adaptability to our local conditions, meat quality, and production efficiency are fundamental pillars in our vision of beef cattle breeding.

The creation of the Limangus sub-commission within the Argentine Association of Limousin Breeders was essential to consolidate our efforts and share knowledge among breeders committed to this new breed. Collaboration has been key to facing challenges and maximizing opportunities for continuous improvement.

In our quest for an improving type, we have also carefully considered the legacy of the original Angus. Ease of calving and moderate size have been crucial characteristics in cattle breeding in Argentina, and we are proud to have preserved these virtues in the Limangus. This not only ensures the viability of cattle in our environment but also respects the livestock tradition that has been an integral part of our culture.

Today, the Limangus breed not only represents a genetic achievement but also a testament to the adaptability and long-term vision of Argentine breeders. Each animal is the result of decades of careful selection, where not only physical characteristics but also functional and productive aspects have been prioritized.

In summary, the stabilization of the Limousin/Aberdeen Angus crossbreed in Argentina and the formation of the Limangus breed have been significant milestones in the country's livestock history. This process has demonstrated the ability of Argentine breeders to innovate and adapt, creating a breed that stands out not only for its exceptional industrial performance but also for its connection to the livestock traditions deeply rooted in our lands. The preservation and development of Limangus are consolidated as a fundamental part of our contribution to the livestock landscape, and we hope that this breed continues to thrive in the years to come.

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Limangus Breed

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