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Sheep Tradition

We have a long history in sheep breeding. Our Corriedale Stud got many awards since 1950. Some of these are the Best Ram of Palermo show in 1967, the Best Ram of Bordeu 1979 that was World Record Price for that year, and the Best Ram of Coronel Suarez Show 1990.

In 2000 we went to the Corriedale Congress in Ohio, USA. We share ideas with Australians, New Zealanders and Americans and got to the conclusion that meat was increasing its share in the lamb production and wool importance had decreased. So, we decided to import animals from New Zealand in 2001. There were 3 rams and 27 sheep from the Border Leicester breed. The only pedigree Border Leicester in Argentina.

We cross our Corriedale with the Border Leicester and we increased fertility and carcass size. These cross is what the kiwis called Borderdale.

Now we are selling lambs of 18/20 kg of carcass for the Suárez area and for Buenos Aires markets.

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