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Cook Administration

Since 1890

Current auction

Thursday September 14th

- 80 PP and PC bulls

- 7 PP Cows

- 100 Heifers PC Pregnant

- 100 Heifers PC of Guest Cabins

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About us

Cook Administration is a family farming company that began its activities as successor to the Horacio Carlos Cook's administration, after his passing in 1988. The fields are located in the southwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, in Coronel Suárez and General Lamadrid. Although agriculture is carried out, livestock is the farm's main activity. Breeding is done at "La Esperanza" ranch in General Lamadrid, and rearing and finishing at "Los Choles" ranch in Coronel Suárez, founded by Horacio Jorge Cook in 1924 on a section of the fields acquired by his father in 1888. The rearing takes place in the Ombú field. The Limangus pedigree stock and the bulls are raised in "Paso Obligado" field, in Huanguelén.

Nuestas Razas


In 1981, the crossing of the definitive Limangus variety was stabilized: 3/8 Limousin and 5/8 A. Angus. 


We have a long sheep tradition on our farm that comes from our elders, and we are still passionate about it. 


The Highland breed originates from the highlands of Scotland, and is believed to be one of the oldest in existence.

Our Breeds

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