More than 100 years

  • Estancia Los Choles
  • Administración Cook

The cattle stud began in 1940 with the Aberdeen Angus breed. We went to different expositions around Coronel Suárez. We bred the “old type Angus”, known for its fertility, low birth weight and low maintenance. Even tough at the beginning the herd was black, we turned to red Angus. These characteristics made those “old type” Angus very adaptable to the Argentinian markets.

When new blood entered the country, and animals began to increase in size, we recognized this “new type” animal will not fit the Argentinean markets. So, once we had seen the Limousin breed in Europe, we decided to inseminated 60 Angus heifers with Limousin brought from France.

These were small frame heifers with a medium size Limousin bull. The first offspring got the best of both breeds, and we were very satisfied with the result.

Many years of crossings went through, and we realized we had to keep 5/8 of Angus blood in order to keep the qualities of our original herd.